The Kia Oval, home to Surrey County Cricket Club, needed to generate £3.5m to fund the redevelopment of the Peter May Stand and complete the ground's modernisation process.

It was decided to issue a 'Retail Bond' to the club's Membership, allowing them to invest in the development personally.

For this a 'prospectus' document, advertising the benefits and explaining how it would be achieved, needed to be developed and sent to the Club's 10,000 Members.

I worked closely with the Chief Executive, Chairman and all Club Directors to produce a document that conveyed a sense of class and history whilst also communicating the legally mandated financial information and plans for the new development in a clear and easy to understand manner.

When launched, the Bond sold out in eight days, raising £5m towards the project, which went into construction in September 2015 and will shortly be finished - in time for the 2016 summer.

Feedback on the prospectus was excellent, with both senior members of staff, Directors and bond holders praising the design and clarity of the document.

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